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Leak Detection in Lake Zurich

We Are Experts at Finding All Types of Water Leaks

The highly qualified plumbers at Lake Cook Plumbing have been identifying and fixing leaky pipes for over half a century. We are focused on customer satisfaction and quick response. If you need fast leak detection and repair, we offer same day services.

Plumbing emergencies may take you by surprise, but our pricing will not. While many plumbers bill by the hour, we provide upfront pricing. This means that the price you are quoted is the price that you pay every time. We charge a flat $49 service fee for inspections but will waive this cost if we get to complete the work.

Call (847) 550-3801 today to schedule a leak detection in Lake Zurich and the surrounding areas throughout Lake County.

Is There a Leak in Your Plumbing?

If your water bill rises significantly and inexplicably over the course of a month, you probably have a leak in one of your pipes. A leak is not only costly, but it can also be damaging. Water may seep into your carpet, bleed through your walls, or bubble on your ceiling. It is essential that you call us right away to identify and correct the problem.

You may have a leak if you notice the following:

  • Running water sounds within the walls even if all faucets are turned off
  • New cracks in your floors
  • Moisture on your walls, floors, or ceiling
  • Mildew on your carpet
  • Water dripping through light fixtures
  • Pooling water anywhere in your home

Let Lake Cook Plumbing Find & Fix Your Leak

Many cracked, damaged, or deteriorating pipes are hiding under your foundation, in your walls, under the ground, or in your ceiling. Without the proper leak detection devices, the only way to find them is by tearing into these areas.

We utilize top-of-the-line leak detection methods to locate your pipe problems quickly:

  • Infrared technology: We can scan the inside of your pipes to look for temperature fluctuations. These normally indicate a leak or erosion.

  • Acoustic emission detection: This ultrasonic technology allows us to follow the sounds of a leak and determine its origin.

  • Video detection: This method is normally our first choice. We have fiber-optic cables that we can snake down your pipes to locate a leak. Once we have a clear picture, we can act accordingly.

  • Smoke detection: We don’t use this strategy often, but when other attempts fail, we can pump a harmless smoke into your pipes to note where it escapes.

Leaks need immediate attention. Call (847) 550-3801 to set up service with our Lake Zurich plumbers today.

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