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Water Jetting in Lake Zurich

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We understand that some plumbing emergencies can’t wait. A stopped up pipe may affect your whole home plumbing system, making it impossible to flush toilets or run faucets without the risk of a sludgy mess. That is why we perform service at all hours- day and night. As Nexstar members, we are held to some of the highest professional standards in the industry.

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What Is Water Jetting?

Sometimes, clogs in your pipes can be easily broken up with a plumber’s auger. This is a long cable that we snake into your drains to prod and pull at blockages. This may improve your water flow temporarily. When this simple method fails, we recommend water jetting.

Water jetting uses pressurized water up to 60,000 psi and forces it through your drains. This powerful practice not only blasts any blockages but can obliterate buildup on the inside of your pipes. After your pipes are thoroughly cleaned with water jetting, they should work like new.

Some of the many benefits of water jetting include:

  • It is environmentally friendly
  • It removes stubborn concrete, lime, and sand deposits
  • It reduces your chances of clogs in the future
  • It is generally safe
  • It softens grease deposits
  • It is better for your pipes than chemical drain cleaners

When to Request Water Jetting

Get in touch with a Lake Zurich plumber and schedule water jetting if:

  • There are persistent, unpleasant odors coming from your drains
  • Your sink, bathtub, shower pan, or toilet drains are bubbling with sewage
  • Dirty water seeps back into your sink when you run the dishwasher
  • You need to plunge your toilet often
  • You have had multiple clogged drain emergencies this year
  • Your sinks drain slowly or hardly drain at all
  • Water pools at your feet when you take a shower

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