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Lake Zurich Drain Services

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If you are having problems with your drains and pipes, Lake Cook Plumbing is here to help. Most likely, we will start our appointment with a camera inspection. We use specially designed video technology connected to fiber optic cables. We slide these cables through your pipes, searching for cracks, corrosion, clogs, or collapses.

This technique promotes:

  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Minimal excavation
  • Avoiding unnecessary procedures
  • Early problem detection
  • Localized repair
  • Saving money on your plumbing bill in the long run
  • Cleaner inspection

Let our technologically trained team of plumbers assist you today by calling (847) 550-3801. We also service the surrounding areas throughout Lake County.

When Should You Call a Plumber?

If your kitchen sink, toilet, bathtub, bathroom sink, or shower pan is not draining water correctly, you may have a pipe problem. Do not rush to the store to buy strong chemical drain cleaners. While this may seem like an easy fix, those caustic chemicals can scour and corrode your pipes, doing more harm than good.

Call a Lake Zurich plumber if:

  • Your drains are working slowly
  • Your drains are not working at all
  • There is a foul smell coming from your drain
  • You notice sewage backup coming from a drain

A clogged drain can become a health hazard and make your bathroom or kitchen fixtures unusable. It is best to get the problem fixed swiftly to avoid bigger, more expensive plumbing emergencies in the future.

What Causes Drain Clogs?

Almost any substantial matter can clog a drain, but some of the more common culprits are as follows:

  • Hair
  • Soap scum
  • Starchy foods like rice and potatoes
  • Toys
  • Excessive toilet paper
  • Thicker papers such as paper towels
  • Grease

Your problem may not just be a clog. Sometimes, pipes are infiltrated by tree roots. Trees are naturally drawn to the moisture, oxygen, and nutrients inside your plumbing. In addition, broken or corroded pipes may cause a backup that affects your drains.

Obliterating Pipe Blockages Since 1954

After we locate your plumbing problem using our video technology, we can use a plumber’s auger to break up the clog. If this method is not effective, we may also suggest a hydro jetting treatment.

Get drain service in Lake Zurich and the surrounding areas today. Contact us at (847) 550-3801.

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