Battery Backup Sump Pumps in Mount Prospect

Sump Pump

Don’t Be in Ankle Deep

A thunderstorm rages in the sky above. Lightning flashes above Mount Prospect followed by the roar of thunder. The rain pelts down in a vicious assault. Suddenly your power goes down leaving you in a dark house. The one worry you don’t want to have during a time like this is a flooded basement. And, fortunately, there’s an easy way to prevent that and thousands of dollars in repairs – with a battery backup sump pump.

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump drains water into a basin then pumps this excess water out of your basement. The basin and pump work together by monitoring the water as it gets to a certain level. The pump works day and night, tied to your electrical system. When that power is shut off for any reason, the pump also goes off. That is why a battery backup is so vital. Even if the area around your property becomes slightly flooded, the sump pump will continue to flush the water out your basement leaving your mementos protected and valuables dry.

Power outages aren’t the only reason you need to backup your sump pump with battery power.

  • Sometimes the primary pump will fail.
  • Battery backup sump pumps will automatically begin pumping in the event of primary pump failure.
  • The float switch might become stuck. The rising water will trigger the battery backup.
  • Even if the primary sump pump can’t keep up with the rush of incoming water, the backup provides assistance in dealing with large quantities of floodwater.

Some of the options to consider when purchasing a sump pump with a battery backup are: Pumping Capacity, Battery Charger Strength and Monitoring Alarm Features.

Why Choose Lake Cook Plumbing?

By calling Lake Cook Plumbing, a trained technician will arrive at your property with a mind full of expertise and knowledge and a truck filled with tools and supplies. They will assess your basement and determine a sump pump system best suited for your needs. The pricing will be up-front with no surprises. The installation will be done correctly and guaranteed. The technician will carefully explain the features and maintenance guidelines to you so you can be rest assured the sump pump will carry on, no matter what.

Don’t risk standing in ankle-deep water while your family treasures float by. Call Lake Cook Plumbing today! (847) 550-3801